About Me

Hiya, I’m MikomiKisomi, but most people just call me Miko. I’ve been an artist since 2010 and a game dev since 2014- I specialize in drawing semi-realistic anime art and making visual novels & RPGs. I’m typically a solo dev, so when I release stuff 90% of it is usually done by me, save for music. I recently completed a bachelors of science in computer science.

I own Crystal Game Works, a visual novel and RPG studio. I also do freelance marketing and PR, mainly with Studio ร‰lan, a yuri visual novel studio, and Virtuality Project, an English-language VTuber agency.

You can contact me about business related stuff at my business email, kaylinb.usiness@gmail.com. My Twitter is @MikomiKisomi and my Discord is Miko#9009.

A little aside- my username is based off my character Mikomi, though nowadays I use my character Rimia as my avatar. Both are my mascots.