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Game Dev Social Media Post Ideas

One thing I frequently get asked is “what do I post to social media? How do I keep it active? I don’t have any art!” and I always send them a long list of ideas on what to post but I never consolidate it anywhere. So, it’s about time I do that.


Below are a list of ideas on what to post to social media- ones in bold are ones I very much recommend for being high in engagement / eye-catching. Don’t forget to check out my Game Dev Social Media Calendar and my Twitter Guide!

  1. Post a screenshot
  2. Post a WIP screenshot
  3. Post a progression screenshot (post an old WIP screenshot and then show how far its come)
  4. Post a gif
  5. Post a video/trailer
  6. Post concept art
  7. Post finished sprites
  8. Post finished full art
  9. Post a funny expression from your character sprites
  10. Post a snippet of music
  11. Post a full piece of music
  12. Post a playlist that you listen to while working
  13. Share (and credit) a piece of art that inspires you
  14. Share a piece of fanart
  15. Post a snippet of writing / a funny quote
  16. Post a snippet of code
  17. Post a picture of animals in the office
  18. Post a picture of your workspace
  19. Talk about your daily work routine
  20. Give a review for a piece of equipment/software you use for work
  21. Ask for feedback on something (piece of art, dialogue, etc)
  22. Run a poll (ask what people’s favorite game is, what their favorite x is, etc.)
  23. Do a Q&A session
  24. Talk about where you got the idea for your game
  25. Talk about the game itself
  26. Talk about future projects you’d like to do
  27. Interview your staff / introduce them
  28. Talk about what your dream merch for the game would be
  29. Make a mood board / aesthetic board for the game
  30. Post something inspirational for #MotivationMonday
  31. Write an editorial to help other game devs
  32. Post a link to an editorial you found helpful
  33. Post a small preview of something upcoming
  34. Do a giveaway of a previous game or a piece of software
  35. Post a progression shot of how your game’s art has changed
  36. Thank your followers and highlight some of them
  37. Link a Let’s Play of one of your games
  38. Talk about a game that inspired yours but what you’d change about it
  39. Post a drawing of a girl from your game and tag it #CutieSaturday
  40. Post a meme about your game
  41. Post links to where people can find your other social media (Discord, devlog, etc.)
  42. Post a funny chat log from your Discord
  43. Post a picture of you showing the game off at a convention / booth
  44. Post a survey to find more about your consumers and what they like
  45. …And more!

Here’s a few examples of me doing these ideas on my company Twitter:

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