Lights Out Post-LD Update Announced

Yep, fully announcing that I’ve started on a post-Ludum Dare build of Lights Out for the horror game jam held by a few acquaintances, Pixel Horror Jam 2. I’m still not sure how much I’ll add (I’ve been told I have to double the content, though that doesn’t necessarily mean story-wise), but I have planned to at least double the mansion, add more tiles, add at least one puzzle, add more interactions, add a sprite for Hiram’s head (which I already sketched, but never had time to finish), and make the game harder (making it darker to see). I’ve been working on it for the past few days- in order to make sure I don’t get burnt out and am able to add a lot more content to it, I’m going to pace myself (as the jam doesn’t end for another 3 months).


I did this stained glass piece originally during LD (I mean, of course I did) but never got to use it, but now I’m able to.

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